Welcome to a new kind of Dota trainer!

Dota timers are a great way to train your brain to be more aware during a dota match. However, they all fail in one category, usability. Every single one of them requires you to divert your attention, and some even your mouse, to a different screen.

Dota Aide was created to keep your attention on the match. No more swapping between programs. Stay in dota and use your voice to control your timers and let us do the rest!

Awesome! What do I need to get started?!

Click the microphone button below. That's it!

Introducing Dota Aide Match Connect
We just got a whole lot better. With Dota Aide's Match Connect connects this web app with your Dota2 match using the same technology they use during the International! Once installed it will receive information about your match so that you don't have to use your voice to control things like the match time, ward timers etc.


Click here to get the full rundown and to download. It only take a couple minutes to get setup

Tip: While Dota Aide can be used without a headset, it's highly recommended to use one for best results.


Match Status


Match Time
















{{da.State.game.courierUpgraded ? 'Flying' : 'Basic'}}

Click to start listening. Click to stop listening.

Commands Description
Stop Listening Turns off microphone access and Dota Aide stops listening for commands
Start game Starts/Resumes all timers
Pause Game Pauses all timers
New Game Resets all times and timers for a new game
Set ward timer Sets the timer for wards.
Rosh down, roshan has fallen, roshan is down Sets a timer for when roshan should be spawning.
Note: triggers at the earliest time that rosh could respawn. Varies from 8 to 11 minutes.
Set time [# hour][# minute(s)][# second(s)] Set the game time to the specified time. For example after "Start Game" you would say "Set time 12 seconds"
Note: In general, there's a slight delay between speaking and recognizing. You'll want to say the current game time plus 2 seconds.
Courier upgraded
("career upgraded" also works)
The courier has been upgraded to a flying courier. After the 3 minute mark it will continue to hassle you until you say it's been upgraded


We had trouble detecting or starting the microphone ability in your browser.

Common causes
Browser doesn't support the web speech API

Currently the app only works on modern browsers like Chrome with the web speech API.

Once chrome is stable I will start to expand the coverage to other browsers and platforms where it makes sense to do so.

You've blocked access to the microphone. When you click the microphone icon chrome will give you a popup to allow 'Microphone' access. If you clicked on block by accident, in chrome, you can re-enable it by going to: chrome://settings/content. Under the Microphone label you can click Manage exceptions... and then remove Dota Aide from the list and try again.
Something else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ let me know

Feedback welcome!

I built the app with a core support in mind. If you have any ideas on how to expand it for other roles or situations let me know!